Sea of ​​​​Stars is back and Yasunori Mitsuda presents a first song •

What Matthias Linda recently accomplished with Chained Echoes, Sea of ​​Stars is yet to come. Both games combine nostalgic memories of perhaps the best days of JRPGs, and many of us look forward to Sea of ​​Stars as we looked forward to Chained. However, Sea of ​​Stars, initially announced for 2022, has been very quiet since it was postponed until summer. Now, Sabotage Studio and composer Yasunori Mitsuda are back, sharing some thoughts on the game in a video while showcasing his song Coral Cascades. limited to summer 2023. That should put a lot of fans at ease. You can find out what Sea of ​​Stars has to offer here.

The video with Matsuda:

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