She confessed her new love for the first time! I met an angel, a beautiful heart, a beautiful soul, Monika Bagárová confessed to her Lion: I love you…

Loving and grateful…

Happy in love again

Monika Bagárová (28) is one of the most popular Czech and Slovak celebrities. She is not only beautiful, but she also has a big heart and won her fans over with her demeanor and way of being. After breaking up with Makhmud Muradovov (32), she was going through a difficult time, but today she found a smile and a heart full of love. A man appeared in the life of the young artist, with whom she fell in love. His new partner is Leonard Lekaj (31), he lives in Karlovy Vary and earns his living by renting real estate. Monika decided to officially share this news on her Instagram. She added a photo of them holding hands near the Christmas tree and wrote a birthday wish for Leo with a declaration of love. Photo gallery Monika Bagárová officially confessed her love to her new boyfriend for the first time Source: Instagram: bagarovamonika “I met an angel. A beautiful heart, a beautiful soul full of love, humility and kindness. I wish you the best on today’s birthday, so that smiles and joy accompany you throughout your life. We cannot forget health and love, because that is the most important thing. most important thing in life. I love you.” She also added the hashtag #MyloveLeo, to see together in the photo gallery: Leo also gets along with little Rumia. In the stories, Monika also shared a joint sleepover program, where Leo painted with little Rumia. The beautiful singer deserves all the love in the world. We wish him good luck. You can also find a snapshot with Leo in the photo gallery:

She had problems with Makhmud

You want something to work so badly, but man thinks God is changing. Monika went through something during her relationship with Makhmud. They tried to give their relationship another shot after the breakup, but it ultimately didn’t work out and they officially broke up as a couple. Infidelity and not only one? I’m not going to lie that the breakup doesn’t hurt, it hurts a lot, admitted Monika Bagárova. For Monika, like for all women, love and family are the most important things, so it was a period very difficult for her. They had to get used to alternate care and function one way or another for the sake of little Rumia. At the beginning of the relationship, Monika thought that Makhmud would be the one, but life brought her a test that made her stronger. However, she has already opened her heart to another man and is happy again. And how is Christmas spent and what traditions do they have at home? Monika also reveals this in the interview:

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