She’s evolved to this level: You won’t believe what Dominika can do!

Soon she will have a match in the ring. The famous singer stepped out of her comfort zone, see what a challenge she accepted!

Difficult preparations for the match

We all know Dominika Mirgová as a beautiful, talented and gentle woman, but in recent days she has proven to her fans that she has a rough side too. She accepted the invitation to the Fight Night Challenge, so she will box in the ring. It’s a big challenge for her and a total departure from her comfort zone. The last video she posted on her Instagram gives goosebumps. Wondering what he goes through in training? What do you think, could you do it too?

Settle unpaid accounts in the ring?

Why did Dominika acquiesce to this challenge? In the video, he explains how he views wrestling and what he sees behind that experience. “I don’t like people fighting, but I really liked the idea of ​​Majk Spirit that he wanted to motivate people, that if you have any unresolved scores, settle them in the ring. I I was told when rappers fight, why don’t female singers fight, I would go in. So somehow I attracted him into my life and fell in love with boxing. ” Dominika fights in the ring with rapper Aless Capparelli. “I’m not going to settle scores with her, I was just looking for a rival and I’m glad she took the offer. I don’t think she took it because we had some conflict between us in the past.” Photo gallery of Dominika Mirgová Source: Instagram: dominikamirgovaofficial See more photos of Dominika and Aless:

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