Shoulders of Giants takes up arms in January •

New York independent studio Moving Pieces has announced the release date for Shoulders of Giants. The roguelike puts you in the role of a gun-wielding space frog. A frog in space – has it ever happened? The release is now scheduled for January 26, 2023 and will initially take place on the Epic Games Store and Xbox. You control the space frog alone, with a friend or in a team of 4. The evil forces of Entropy transport chaos from star to star. They corrupt the teeming planetary worlds and fuel the heat death of the universe. But led by a psychic owl, a squad of surviving space brawlers fight to restore cosmic balance. A mysterious robot! A sharp-shooting amphibian! Together they must smash wave after wave of enemies and bring light and life back to the galaxy! Check out the release date trailer below.

The new trailer:

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