Six men indicted, accused of operating heroin trafficking ring

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By Deborah Swearingen

Six men accused of operating a heroin trafficking ring throughout metro Denver have been indicted by the Jefferson County district grand jury.


Multiple agencies, including the West Metro Drug Task Force, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office, seized or made undercover purchases of more than 3,300 grams of heroin, valued at around $264,400. The six suspects are accused of violating the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act. They’ve been indicted on such charges as well as on conspiracy to distribute a Schedule I controlled substance and numerous other counts.

As of Wednesday, five of the six men have been arrested. Those arrested include:

• Fermin Flores-Rosales, 41

• Cristobal Flores-Rosales, 47

• Juan Borques Meza, 24

• Mario Acosta-Ruiz, 30

• Yoel Soto-Campos, 21

A warrant is outstanding for the arrest of the sixth suspect, Joel Torrez-Espinoza, 25.

According to the 61-count indictment, members of the drug-trafficking ring received heroin shipments from outside Colorado and stored the drugs in one or more “stash houses.” Upon obtaining search warrants for four of these stash houses, law enforcement seized $6,700 and 3,215 grams of heroin.

A press release from the Jeffco DA’s office suggests prospective customers would make a phone call to someone acting as a dispatcher, who would then provide information about the time and place of drug delivery. The runner would meet the prospective buyer with the drugs at an agreed-upon location.

Proceeds from the heroin sales would be given to Fermin Flores-Rosales, who on various occasions wired money to someone outside of the United States. The money was often wired in amounts less than $1,000 because he didn’t have the identification necessary to wire larger amounts, according to the press release. In November 2017, the indictment says, Fermin Flores-Rosales communicated with someone in Mexico to arrange for wire transfers to several Mexican banks.

“This indictment and the dismantling of this heroin ring goes a long way towards stopping the flow of heroin into our community,” District Attorney Pete Weir said in a press release.

The men were indicted on Dec. 22, and four of the five who’ve been arrested appeared in court Tuesday for a review hearing. They will return Feb. 12 for a bond hearing.

Meza hasn’t been in court yet due to an issue with the writ, according to Pam Russell with the Jeffco DA’s office. He is scheduled to appear next Tuesday.

The attorneys representing the men who’ve been indicted have requested that the court review the grand jury transcript for probable cause.