Sunbreak is getting a fourth update in February –

In a new video for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Capcom mostly looked back at the year 2022. In the end, however, we dared to take a look at next year. The fourth free update is slated to appear in February 2023 and feature a returning ancient dragon and a boosted monster. More precise details have not yet been obtained today. The fifth update is slated for spring. Of course, those plans are for releases for Nintendo Switch and Steam. Additionally, ports of Monster Hunter Rise for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC (Xbox Store) will also be available from January 20, 2023. You can also participate in Xbox Game Pass. However, the Sunbreak extension is not part of the release yet. It must be rescheduled in the spring of 2023.

2022 review and outlook

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