Tales of Arise was originally not meant to be a “Tales of” game, but a brand new brand •

Japanese publication DenFaminicoGamer (via TheGamer) recently spoke to producer Yusuke Tomizawa and director Hirokazu Kagawa about Tales of Arise. It was also a few interesting points during development, so the two revealed that it was actually the intention to create an all-new IP – at least in the early stages of development. According to Tomizawa, the game was supposed to be so different from other Tales games that they had no idea whether to use the name “Tales of”. At first, the game was simply called Arise. In the end they decided to go for it, Tales of Arise actually looks “different” from its predecessors, which was also confirmed by our test of the game. Fans say that Arise changes some things from its predecessors – for the best. This is also reflected in the good sales figures. Even before Tales of Arise was released, Tomizawa had promised that the game would not receive any post-launch DLC or story DLC. Even the sales success hasn’t changed that, as the game was designed as a completely independent story and would rather do without a sequel. But does Bandai Namco ultimately have no plans for Tales of Arise? This suggests a new trademark that the company has obtained in Europe. So here’s the Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn brand in the books. We are thrilled.Photos: Tales of Arise, Bandai Namco

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