Tetsuya Nomura gives update after the first prototype test –

After Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link’s first closed beta test, during which we also received the first screenshots of the game, Tetsuya Nomura gave an update on Twitter on the state of the game. First, Nomura thanked the participants in Prototype testing. Only 1,000 fans were allowed here, and the beta was limited to Japanese and iOS devices. Nomura has confirmed that Android device users will also be allowed in future tests. He too, jokes Nomura, who obviously also owns an Android device. Nomura added that testing the prototype showed no story content from the final version of the game. Additionally, only around 70% of gameplay features and 50% of UI elements were included. Overall, according to Nomura, this release accounts for around 50% of the final gaming experience. Kingdom Hearts Missing Link is a brand new game for iOS and Android devices. The game was once announced alongside Kingdom Hearts IV. Square Enix calls it a “location-based action RPG” – it’ll take you to the worlds of Scala ad Caelum in the real world. via Siliconera, Artwork: Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, Square Enix

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