The charming story of life on the cards inspires fans •

The Pokémon Company always comes up with something new for the Trading Card Game. It is not for nothing that he has been delighting fans for many years. For example, they recently introduced some really nice Special Rare and Art Rare cards. In this country, these cards appear for the first time with “Zenith der Könige”. There’s also a new illustration feature, where you can connect nine cards to form a larger pattern. This innovation will also be introduced with “Zenith of the Kings”. Unfortunately, we have to wait a little longer for the cards that are now presented. The Pokémon Company has presented new designs from Paldea’s first expansion. Releasing in March in Germany, this expansion will tell entire “stories” through an evolving series of Pokémon. Very charming: in the first card we see a Trasla and a girl who has grown up in the second photo holding a small child in her arms. Always at his side: his Pokémon, which has since evolved into Kirlia. The third motif shows the young girl, who has since become an old lady. Throughout his life, he has been accompanied by his Pokémon, which has also “aged” and is now a Gardevoir. Also pay attention to the pictures on the wall in the background! Many fans find it particularly pleasing that this “life story” was also drawn by the same artist. These card types aren’t new, they’ve been around since the days of Pokémon X & Y. However, given The Pokémon Company’s prominent presentation, fans are hoping there will be multiple such routes in the game. Paldea expansion. new cards also confirm that The Pokémon Company will be releasing more Super Rare and Art Rare cards with the Crimson and Crimson expansion. Here are some cool examples: Artwork: Pokémon TCG, The Pokémon Company

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