The DX of Spy Bros. Pipi & Bibi appears for Switch and PC •

Spanish developer RAWRLAB Games has announced that the DX remaster of the arcade classic Spy Bros.: Wee & Bibi is set to release on February 14, 2023 for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. originally appeared exclusively as an arcade machine in 1991 and was already rarely found in arcades, as the machine was only allowed in small numbers due to various erotic motives. The title was originally developed by Japanese developer Toaplan.

Classic 90s arcade gameplay

Spy Bros.: Pee & Bibi’s DX is an action platformer about placing bombs in different locations in space. After successfully placing the bomb, you need to leave the area as quickly as possible so as not to take damage yourself. Of course, various adversaries try to stop you from doing so and breathe digital life into you. Classic early 90s arcade gameplay. Unlike many HD remakes today, Spy Bros.: Pee & Bibi’s DX has no technical changes from the original. This means that the graphics and sound remain intact so as not to distort the retro feeling. However, some game design improvements have been made to make the title still playable today.

The official trailer

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