The hand-drawn Metroidvania will be released on April 25

Publisher Modus Games has announced that the hand-drawn Metroidvania Afterimage will be released on April 25 on consoles and PC. There is also a nice trailer for it. You will see fast-paced combat and non-linear levels. Afterimage draws inspiration from classics like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and modern Metroidvanias like Ori and the Blind Forest, according to the developers. There should be hand-drawn backgrounds that you explore for around 30 hours. German subtitles are planned and the game is already running on the Steam Deck. As the girl Renee, you embark on a journey to your memories. Huge interconnected areas are promised, intricate platforming puzzles and fun characters that will help you – or not. On your journey, you’ll encounter fantastical creatures: huge beasts roaming the fire and spirits living deep within intricate labyrinths that lurk… Read more about your new friends, their pasts, and their plans Afterimage had a huge hit on Kickstarter in April. Just 40 hours into the campaign, Aurogon Shanghai developers were proud to announce that the funding goal had been reached. After the campaign ended, 600% of the funding was available and thanks were given to over 2,500 supporters.

The new trailer:

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