The infographic shows the most popular Pokémon from all countries and there are some surprises –

Pikachu is arguably the most famous of the 1,008 Pokémon that are now in the Pokédex. Even people who don’t know Pikachu is a Pokemon know Pikachu. But is Pikachu also the most popular Pokémon? Not everywhere. Enter The Toy Zone used data from Google and created a great infographic that shows you which Pokémon are most popular in which regions. As you can see, Pikachu is still number one in many countries, but beyond that there is a colorful picture. Évoli (Venezuela, Japan, Lithuania) makes a few appearances, as does Mew (Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria and France). Rossana (Congo) or Paras (India) and Magikarp (Oman) hold surprises. The United States is pretty much alone with Gegnar, but one must also know his popularity in the United States. For Germany, the statistics list Lapras. The transport Pokémon also wins in Switzerland and Austria, as well as in the Netherlands. Is Lapras your favorite Pokémon? Visuals: Enter the Toy Zone (CC BY-SA 4.0) Visuals: Pokémon Master Journeys, The Pokémon Company

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