The long-awaited Avatar did not disappoint! A breathtaking cinematic work that will evoke a mixture of emotions in you (review)

Get ready for an epic work with great music, perfect effects, beautiful nature and deep subliminal thoughts! We were all eagerly awaiting the sequel to Avatar. Thirteen incredible years have passed since the first part. The director of the film is the famous James Cameron, whose films are still iconic. This time too, he managed to create something above average. Already the first part of Avatar in 2009 had captivated the whole world. From the technical treatment, to the acting performances, to the emotional plot, which gives goosebumps and brings tears to your eyes. The second part of Avatar: The Path of Water is exactly like that…

The depth of being

With visually stunning and captivating action, Cameron takes the viewer back to the wondrous world of Pandora, making for a cinematic experience of the highest intensity. For sci-fi buffs, Avatar is a work to please the soul. However, it hides much more. The Avatar’s connection with nature, animals, and self is a wonderful illustration of how it also works in our world, when a person is self-aware, meditates, and senses their surroundings and SELF. For those who belong to the most spiritual individuals, it will be a truly wonderful experience. Connecting souls and fighting evil with love moves each of you and believe me, your eyes won’t stay dry. Photogallery Movie Avatar: Water Path Source: Cinemart

love wins

If you really immerse yourself in the plot, you will feel anger and resentment during certain scenes. James Cameron showed the viewer the sad behavior of humanity and the pursuit of money, which also happens in real life, when we kill and harm innocent creatures who feel, perceive and are a gift from this planet. In this part, in addition to beautiful nature, we will also discuss family relationships and the bond we create. The main plot is the battle between good and evil, the answer to all conflicts is love, because it always wins. Another great idea is when the main character says the phrase that no matter where we are, the only thing that matters is that the family is together and where the family is, there is our home. Photogallery Movie Avatar: Water Path Source: Cinemart

Misunderstood, excluded, condemned

The plot has several levels. One of them is James Sullivan’s children’s characters. We often come across in life that our loved ones cannot see us. They don’t know who we are and what we are capable of, they don’t see inside of us because they are blinded by their beliefs. There is a pleasant moment in the film where, after serious injuries, the protagonist becomes clear, understands and sees things that were previously clouded by his fears and misunderstandings. It’s another perfect interlude between the fictional fictional life of Avatar and the ordinary life of us humans here on earth. That’s why it’s not just any movie. Road to Water is a masterpiece that conveys wonderful ideas, often in a very subliminal way, and that’s why you have to be sensitive to the overall story and separate yourself from the fact that it’s just a movie . It’s about much more… Photogallery Movie Avatar: The Way of Water Source: Cinemart Definitely don’t miss the new Avatar and watch it in cinemas and ideally in 3D, when you get a much greater thrill even from the visual effects, which are brutal. Check out more footage from Avatar – The Way of Water:

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