The most beautiful video game music for the holidays? •

Merry Christmas! It’s not just the time for gifts and contemplative encounters, if you will, but also the time when the Christmas hits play on the radio on repeat. There are now countless classics like All I Want For Christmas Is You, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, and Last Christmas that are meant to get you in the Christmas spirit. Then there are the many children’s songs, some of which may have their own charm. But they have lost nothing in this Sunday question. Today we are looking for the best Christmas songs and/or popular video game soundtracks. What soundtrack, from what video game do you compose directly with the happy holidays? Is it the classic Super Mario winter landscape soundtracks that appeal to you? Or are the soothing sounds of your Animal Crossing town enough for you? Of course, it’s also possible that I don’t have or want to have anything to do with these contemplative soundtracks. That’s why they’re looking for tracks with a bit more BPM, to keep everyone awake under the Christmas tree. But do such tracks exist? If I know of any, let us know in today’s Sunday question! What’s your favorite holiday video game music?

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