The Otome Visual Novel gets the date for Japan •

Two years ago, season 2 of Bustafellows was announced. So it’s high time for the Extend developer to specify the version for Japan. The Otome visual novel is set to release on May 25, 2023 for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. In this country, the predecessor of Bustafellows is already available. Anyone who owns Bustafellows on Nintendo Switch will receive an episode that connects the two offshoots. Mobile players will also receive an exclusive episode.

A cryptic introduction to history

Everyone wants answers. Who is to blame? What went wrong? What should be the sanction? To support the world, everything is black or white. Those who focus on the in-between will continue to suffer, everyone knows it in their hearts: everything comes in pairs. Black or white. In front or behind. light or dark. Good news, bad news. And things either change or end.via Gematsu, Artwork: Bustafellows Season 2, Extend

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