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The sixth character trailer for Disgaea 7 introduces you to the character Ao. Ao is a young girl who affectionately refers to protagonist Fuji as “father”. She feels a strong affection for him and woos his attention everywhere. She treats him like a spoiled child. Anyone else who stands in his way will be ruthlessly destroyed. Ao uses destructive power.

More details about Disgaea 7

The protagonists are the traveling samurai Fuji and the otaku girl Piririka. Your objective is to collect seven legendary weapons. These are possessed by souls and can even destroy gods. Who wields such a weapon can reach a special state. The Netherworld presents itself in the new SRPG with a Japanese touch. A new feature is “Dodeka MAX”. The characters become giants. In this state, the characters leave the map and stand next to it. Opponents can also adopt this powerful state. In addition to characters, objects can also be reincarnated. Of course, this leads to even more damage. As always, you can organize your party freely. You can also use AI settings to automate the upgrade process. The latest installment in the popular series will be released in Japan on January 26, 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. The announcement for the west seems to be just a formality, but nothing is official yet.

Ao’s trailer

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