The successor to Golf Story is now available •

At Indie World in November, Sports Story for Nintendo Switch was dated December. It’s getting exhausted, isn’t it? Now, however, the spirit of the sport has awakened at Sidebar Games and the game is out now. The game originally announced for mid-2020 does not need to go to overtime. Sports Story is the successor to Golf Story. You guessed it, there are more sports now. Sports Story is a game that is not just about sports. A variety of activities that are not directly related to sports offer variety here. Explore dungeons, sneak through areas, go fishing. One surprise after another awaits you here, sometimes even sports. To become a sports star, you should meet friends and foes, dungeons, espionage, mini-games, buried treasures and an audience with the queen you are drawn to. Take part in the Décasportathon and make your coach proud!

Release Trailer

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