This is what it looks like when the pre-order phase begins in Japan –

In Japan, like everywhere else in the world, the pre-order phase of Final Fantasy XVI has begun. But everyone who knows Japan knows that something like this is a little different there and, above all, much more colorful than in our region. A new Final Fantasy main game is an event, and stores are celebrating the start of pre-orders with great delight. specials. Twitter user and youtuber Genki (thanks) checked out the big channels and took some great photos. Parco adorns its storefront with large “XVI” letters and a Clive pixel. As part of the collaboration on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the series, the entire Final Fantasy series is presented in this style near the cash register. There are empty shells there, almost as if you could buy the game already. There’s also a big reference to the June 22, 2023 release and presumably a Collector’s Edition mannequin and some flyers. There are more posters hanging on the checkout itself, you can’t avoid pre-ordering them… Photos: Courtesy of Genki

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