This mod expands the original with full voice output •

Have you considered replaying the original Final Fantasy VII? Maybe even before Final Fantasy VII Remake. But maybe only now, before Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Either way, you won’t be alone. And a mod could make your gaming experience even more valuable. The Tsunamods group has given Final Fantasy VII a full voiceover. “We’ve brought together actors from around the world to score the entirety of Final Fantasy VII,” the team said. Every main character, every supporting character, even the tutorials are voiced. While borrowing the voices of secondary characters from the community, all main and secondary roles are voiced by trained voice actors. The original Japanese script was used as the basis. As we know, the translation can almost only be better than what Squaresoft once offered in the West. However, there have been adjustments to adapt the text boxes to human pronunciation. The result is quite successful – and free: By uploading the video, you agree to YouTube’s privacy policy.
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