This week’s HOROSCOPE: Which sign will a new job have? And which one will be convinced by friends

We finally got it! Christmas is already here, so let’s all tune into a more pleasant atmosphere. We will act more calmly together, we will smile more and we will not allow anyone to spoil this beautiful moment for us. Consult the horoscope valid from December 19 to 25.


You have been looking forward to the holidays mainly because of the joy you will bring to your loved ones. You feel like you’ve guessed it perfectly with the choice of gifts this year, so that expectation is very… Read more about Aries week here >>


Your friends will persuade you to join them for an interesting event. However, only do this if you have actually completed all the tasks. You can’t behave… Read more about Taurus week here >>


You need to be more considerate of people who care about you. Sometimes you behave in a very unpleasant way and then they feel like they have to avoid you because you don’t like them… Read more about the week for Gemini here >>


This time, you’ll start planning your New Year’s resolutions much earlier than in the past. It is very important for you to complete some projects that you missed this year as well… Learn more about Cancer Week here >>


You have been looking for a long time for someone who would understand your problems. Therefore, when you get the chance to talk to someone like that now, you will appreciate it very much. If possible, stay… Read more about the week for Levov here >>


You will have the opportunity to earn some extra money. It won’t be an easy task, but since you like these challenges, you’ll jump straight into it. You already know where you would go… Read more about the week for Levov here >>


You try to ensure that everyone has their dream vacation. You want everyone to feel comfortable, but it’s equally important that they try to accommodate you. Luckily, they are very… Read more about Libra Week here >>


You still have a business trip ahead of you before you get into the Christmas spirit. Some things can get tricky during this time, but if you try a little, you’ll get by without… Read more about Scorpio week here >>


You have taken on a challenge that does not really suit you. Well, you know very well that you still have to fill it by the end of the year. Try to get as much done as possible before Christmas starts… Read more about Sagittarius week here >>


You would like to help someone in need. Before the end of the year, you always try to repay all the kindnesses that you have received from life during the past period. This time… Read more about Capricorn week here >>


You will find someone who will help you achieve your dreams. You’ve ever feared that some of them might not be feasible because you let your imagination run wild. Thanks to this, you… Read more about the week of Aquarius here >>


You’re not expecting this vacation that much. They were ruined at the last moment by a message you received from a close person. You will have a lot to do to get by… Read the rest of the week of Pisces here >>Where to live according to your sign? What year awaits Capricorns? Great horoscope for the year 2023 for the sign of Capricorn

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