Tin Hearts brings you the old feeling of the Lemmings in the modern age this April –

Tin Hearts brings the Lemmings feeling back to consoles and PC in April. In case you still remember the good old lemmings. In the puzzle game Tin Hearts, you guide a mischievous squad of toy soldiers through a vast world full of mysteries by flipping different contraptions. Control toy cannons to clear the way, bounce to new heights on trampoline drums, and manipulate balloon-inflating machines to create new adventures to help soldiers reach their goal! Published by Rogue Sun and Wired Productions, the game now has a concrete date of April 20, 2023. Of course, this is also celebrated with a new trailer, which you can see below. Tin Hearts will be released on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC Steam. There’s even a retail version for PS5* and PS4*.

The new trailer:

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