TIP for a last minute gift if you want to treat yourself with a piece from a Slovak designer: These are worn by Cibulková or Chomisteková

Before we know it, Christmas is here. Diva is sure to love every message if she finds a designer piece under the Christmas tree. You don’t have to go far for fashion gadgets, stylish pieces can also be found in the offer of Slovak designers, which are increasingly popular with Slovak celebrities. What woman wouldn’t be happy if she had a piece in her wardrobe that everyone would envy? It will be a great choice if you prefer local fashion when shopping for new pieces. It’s not just about elegant ball gowns or men’s suits anymore. Slovak designers offer an increasingly diverse range of models from which everyone can choose. If you don’t know where to find this creation, you can take inspiration from the Fashion Map created by the Slovak Fashion Council. Video Diva.sk Trendy, but also sustainable: more than a hundred Slovak fashion brands can be found outside Bratislava. The advantage is that many Slovak designers create their creations in unisex cuts and sizes, thanks to which not only women can wear the same item in different combinations, but also men. If you’ve given up buying Christmas gifts at the last minute, maybe this selection will inspire you.


The collector’s brand KURA, behind which stands Janka Kurilak from Košice, has been one of the most popular Slovak brands in recent years. The fact that the workshop pieces of this brand were very successful with many Slovak celebrities, for example, with model Karolína Chomistekova, probably contributed to the popularity. If you want to treat yourself or your loved ones with an original gift, but you don’t know which size to go for, you will certainly be delighted with a knitted set in the form of a universal size hat and socks, which is available in different colors. Photo gallery In the offer of the KURA brand collection you can also find knitted accessories Source: KURA collection


This year, Fashion LIVE! brought back a three-day marathon of sightseeing. Our editors and readers of the DIVA.SK portal agreed that the best collection was presented by Dominik Orvoš with his brand ORVO. He tells us more about his work in an interview. Her pieces are worn by well-known Slovak influencers, such as Janka Topanka, but also by presenter Saša Orviská. If you’re looking for something really cheeky, then a gift from this talented Slovak’s workshop will be the one. Photo gallery Dominik Orvoš with his brand Orvo became the best designer of Fashion LIVE! Source: ORVO


Among the most successful Slovaks of recent years is Pavol Dendis, who repeatedly shone with his work during the prestigious Prague Fashion Week, where the DIVA.SK editorial team was also present. The work of this talented Slovak can be divided into two categories, in the first you will find the elegant part, which is also popularly worn by Dominika Cibulková, Barbora Franeková and Natália Selveková. The second part consists of street plays, intended for everyday use and appreciated, for example, by Adam Pavlovčin or the actor Noël Czuczor. The perfect choice for any female, but also male wardrobe is a black sweatshirt with an author print. Photo gallery Pavol Dendis also addressed Dominika Cibulková with his work Source: Pavol Dendis, instagram.com/domicibulkova

Jana Pistejova

Janka Pištejová is one of the most popular Slovak designers, especially among female audiences. She was one of the best at Bratislava Fashion Days this year, and in an interview with DIVA.SK she revealed what kind of men she likes. However, the famous designer’s work includes not only luxurious dresses, but also everyday pieces that will brighten up any diva’s outfit. You can perfectly match soft elastic bodysuits with the author’s monogram with leggings, and with the right combination of accessories, your outfit will look as good as on the beautiful Dominika Ducová. Photo gallery A piece from Jana Pištejová’s workshop can also be in your wardrobe Source: janapistejova.com

Petra Weingart

Lovers of minimalism and simple cuts, which you can combine with each other for several seasons, will definitely appeal to the work of Petra Weingart. The Slovak designer sews most of her models in black, but in the case of tracksuits, she has created a collection in pastel colors, perfect for holidays in front of the TV. Photo gallery Tracksuit in an original fit by Petra Weingart Source: petraweingart.com

Lukas Krnac

Lukáš Krnáč’s provocative work was one of the highlights of Fashion LIVE this year! 2022. Krnáč scored with a denim collection that met with great success. Today, you can see her denim jackets with original neon signs on Evelyn but also on model Veronika Husárová. The successful Slovak even collaborates with singer Sima, for whom he also designed the cover design for her new album. Some time ago, Lukáš caught the eye with a series of controversial t-shirts which, thanks to their unisex fit, will please even your significant other. Photo gallery Lukáš Krnáč impressed with his denim collection at Fashion LIVE! 2022 Source: Julka Levik (instagram.com/krnaclukaswork)


Although Slovak designer Terka Feňovčíková mainly sews men’s clothing, her pieces still end up in the wardrobes of many Slovenian women. Moderator Babsy Jagušák also has several role models. A white shirt should not be missing in the wardrobe of a woman or a man, if you do not want the classic version, you can opt for a piece with an author’s print. The advantage of such a model is that you will no longer need accessories. Photo gallery Terka Feňovčíková’s pieces from her Freier brand are also worn by Babsy Heriban

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