Vanaris Tactics, reminiscent of Final Fantasy Tactics, is now available for Switch and Xbox •

Publishers Chorus Worldwide and Toge Productions and developer Matheus Reis have announced the release of the SRPG Vanaris Tactics for Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. There is no date yet. The game was first released on PC on GOG and Steam in August 2022. You can watch an old trailer for the game below. You will inevitably remember Final Fantasy Tactics. Height differences and grid fields are certainly not uncommon in tactical RPGs, but shouldn’t you also have to think about Final Fantasy Tactics Advance when it comes to maps and pixel optics? new characters enter the picture in the same way as in the old classic GBA. Then, when the first character illustrations appear, you might feel called back to Final Fantasy Tactics. The striking artistic style here seems more or less imitated. According to the product description, Vanaris Tactics is inspired by the “greatest fantasy tactical RPGs of all time”. There’s supposed to be a cast of unique characters, each with their own stories, strengths, and abilities. The Steam version offers texts in German, which will certainly also arrive on consoles. Nothing is known of a commercial version.

The old trailer:

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