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During the ongoing Granblue Fantasy Fes 2022-2023, the convention for Granblue Fantasy fans, the 2D brawler Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising was announced for PlayStation and PC. Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising is due out in 2023.

New features and new mode

Based on the Granblue Fantasy franchise that debuted on mobile, this action-packed 2D fighting game aims to push the boundaries and delight new players. This is the “next release” of Granblue Fantasy: Versus. In addition to a revamped look with new graphical effects and a new online lobby with its own little game world, new features have of course also been added which aim to make combat even more even. more versatile One of these new Mechanics are the so-called “ultimate skills”. These allow you to slow down opponents in battle in order to more effectively unleash powerful combos that can decide the fight even faster for you. new fighters and new story content in RPG-Discovery mode. All chapters of Granblue Fantasy: Versus can also be played in this RPG mode. In addition, the developers have even incorporated a cross-play feature to find long-term players for heated online matches.

Mini-games allow you to relax

Another really cool feature is the Grand Bruise Legends mode. This new mode is something of a mini-game hub. Here players can meet for various mini-games. The two game modes “Rising Royale” and “Gold Brick Hoarder” are intended to provide some relaxation between hectic beat-’em-up duels. Rising Royale is all about crossing the finish line first in the best Fall Guys way. Slow players are gradually sorted out, Battle Royale in its purest form, so to speak. In Gold Brick Hoarder, the goal is to transport as many gold coins as possible to your own camp and to have collected more gold than the opposing team when the timer runs out. The new online lobby with its own game world. All new story content in RPG mode.

The teaser

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Introducing Grand Bruise Legends Party Mode

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