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Last July, there was a sign of life for Inazuma Eleven’s next installment. At the same time, Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road of Heroes was announced as the project’s second name change. This is just one example of the difficult development story. Shortly before the start of the year, there is another update. A video shows us in particular how the football matches take place. It also shows how it works on different platforms. Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road of Heroes will be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and mobile devices. Tier 5 promises more details as soon as February, until then there will also be artwork showing a previously unknown character. He is a talented and historically important footballer. A story mode is designed to tell the story of Unmei Sasanami. It’s a new story. Originally, it was planned to bring together a variety of well-known characters from the series around Unmei. But this is now moved to Chronic mode. Here, players can play with characters from across the series. The hardest part of developing for Tier 5 was making the touchscreen controls as intuitive as possible on new hardware. This obviously caused problems for the developers. The demos that were created did not convey a satisfying gameplay feel, instead the football game degenerated into a standard football game. After many attempts, the “Free Soccer Interface” was born. This allows players to switch between different playstyles at any time. While there are “soccer-like” controls with a controller, you can still keep the series’ unique and easy-to-use controls. There should always be a control option for fans of the original games. Level-5 wants to sell a special pen as an option. The Switch has a touchscreen, but this plays a role in very few games, as the console must of course also be playable in TV mode. As known, this is not a problem for the PlayStation 4 anyway. Details about the game’s story are still scarce. But an interesting background: while the previous protagonists liked to play football, Unmei Sasanami cannot play himself. The player plays the role of coach. There is a new school in Nagasaki, Kyushu in Japan that serves as the location.

Inazuma Eleven Soccer Games: Victory Road of Heroes

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