A vote for Stapleton would pay dividends

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Joe Webb

In about three weeks, ballots will be mailed to Jefferson County residents. Among the decisions voters must make is who will succeed Gov. Hickenlooper. I am voting for Walker Stapleton for governor. In today’s era of negative campaigning often one’s voting choices are made to vote against one candidate rather electing a candidate. The wonderful thing about Walker Stapleton is that I can make the case why he should be elected rather than voting against the other candidate.
Walker Stapleton is first and foremost a leader. A leader is someone who makes their own decisions and takes stands rightly or wrongly based on what they feel is correct. As their own man or woman, a leader isn’t defined by the reactions or opinions of others. Advice is always sought but the decision is that of the leader alone. Chief executives do just that. A leader is also willing to take unpopular stances on issues because the leader recognizes that those stances are the correct decision regarding public policy. In other words, they are willing to risk unpopularity in order to do what is right.
As state treasurer, Walker Stapleton has had to manage the money of 4.5 million Coloradans for the past eight years. It’s one thing to manage your own money, but to manage the money of others is an onerous and daunting task. Walker Stapleton has been doing that since he was in school. He holds two graduate degrees, one masters from the London School of Economics and the other from Harvard Business School. Gaining admittance to both schools is no small feat. Graduating is an accomplishment that shows you are capable of handling academic rigor and thinking independently.
Because he thinks independently and has real-world experience Walker Stapleton sees problems and is willing to act to solve them. PERA reform has been Walker Stapleton’s signature issue as state treasurer. There has been no upside for him to attempt to point out problems that are looming ahead while others whistled past the retirement graveyard. But he has made a valiant attempt to reform our pension system. Walker Stapleton did that because again he is a leader, but, more importantly, because this issue will affect many Coloradans in their sunset years. Their financial well-being should matter to us all. It does to Walker Stapleton.
Walker Stapleton will attempt to lead Colorado and fix the problems that should matter to all of us. Solutions for roads, budgeting, education and all issues that matter to Coloradans will be tackled in a manner that is fair and equitable for all. Stapleton is a serious, intelligent man who wants to lead with solutions that deliver. He doesn’t believe in making promises that he cannot keep. To vote for him to be Colorado’s next governor would be a good decision that would pay dividends not only for Jefferson County but for Colorado as well.

Joe Webb is the chairman of the Jeffco Republican party.