We’re kicking off the new year today with this classy key art •

To kick off the new year, Square Enix surprised fans waiting today with a new key art for Final Fantasy XVI. Lots of information will be released this year, the tweet says. That’s really no surprise given the June 22, 2023 release date. The new main artwork is even more impressive. It was also advertised in Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun today. The Japanese characters 謹賀新年 welcomed readers into the new year. The protagonists are Clive and Jill Warrick, whom we have known since the announcement of Final Fantasy XVI. She was brought to Rosaria as a child and cared for there. The Archduke raised her with his children Clive and Joshua. She is therefore in a way a sister of Clive. Alongside Cid and Torgal, Jill Warrick will travel alongside Clive. You can read more about the previously featured band members helping Clive on his journey here. For completeness, you can also see the other three previous key works below. Image material: Final Fantasy XVI, Square Enix

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