What is your American dream?

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Joe Webb

There once was a boy named Clyde, who lived about 100 years ago and loved to stargaze. He lived on a farm, and in that time, farmers lived a precarious economic existence.
A hailstorm destroyed his family’s crops one year and delayed Clyde’s hopes for college. Clyde knew how he wished to spend his life, so he built telescopes by himself on his farm. The telescopes were housed in ditches on his family’s farm that also doubled as a root cellar.
He drew some pretty intricate mappings of Jupiter and Mars, which he shared with the famous Lowell Observatory in Arizona. They offered him a job during an economic downturn, otherwise known as the Great Depression, because they believed in him.
Six months later, Clyde Tombaugh discovered the existence of Pluto, or as it was known before the discovery a trans-Neptunian planet. He discovered many asteroids throughout his career.
Some were named after his wife, children and grandchildren. After he discovered Pluto, Clyde Tombaugh attended the University of Kansas, where he earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in astronomy at the age of 30 and 32. He accomplished much of this during the greatest economic downturn in U.S. history.
Politics garners more attention and headlines than people like Clyde Tombaugh. That is because politics is necessarily contentious because it decides what the order and priorities of our country and locales will be.
When politics is done well, the real revolutionaries, like Clyde Tombaugh, Jonas Salk, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and George Washington Carver, will flourish and produce. Their dreams, ideas and achievements come to fruition when they are free to pursue their passion with excellence.
 We all benefit when the scientists and engineers achieve because problems are solved that help individuals with vexing dilemmas.
One more thing about Clyde Tombaugh: He showed that with hard work, determination and a little bit of ingenuity, dreams still come true even under adverse circumstances. This is still the United States of America.
Anything is possible here. What is your American dream?

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Another topic –—a much sadder one:  We recently lost a younger Jeffco Republican in Joe Carr. He was 30 when he passed away earlier this month. He will be missed by many people including myself.
I met Joe two or three times at most, but when we did meet, I always had the thought that this was someone I would really like to get to know better. He was someone whom you sensed was a really good person.  
There are really wonderful people who are politically active especially on the local scene, and Joe was one. I look forward to meeting them when I know they will be in a meeting and regret when they will not be around.  Especially permanently.  R.I.P. Joe Carr.

Joe Webb is the chairman of the Jefferson County Republican Party.