Why They Chose Symphonia As Their Next Remaster –

On the official Japanese Tales of Symphonia Remastered site, Bandai Namco has posted an FAQ that goes a little beyond the usual questions for such a format. Nintendo Everything has translated some interesting passages. For example, you answer the question of which version the remaster is based on and why you chose Symphonia of all things. First, you explain that the remaster is based on the PS3 or PC version. The original was originally released for the Nintendo GameCube. When asked why Symphonia was chosen, the answer is quite sober: Symphonia was the first title to be released globally, and we had heard that many people in Japan and abroad were interested in playing the game to play on the latest platforms, which led to the planning of this remaster. Bandai Namco has never made a secret that Tales of Vesperia will be followed by other remasters. Of course, many fans hoped for games that were never localized. But for the reasons mentioned, it was now (for the moment) Symphonia, after that should not be the end. The fact that Bandai Namco asks about other remasters in the FAQ is proof enough of that. The answer to that: you sense the desire for old Tales-of-Games on new platforms and expect suggestions and requests. Of course, the focus is currently on Symphonia. Incidentally, in 2021, Bandai Namco conducted a survey where they specifically wanted to know which remasters of the series fans wanted the most. Previously unlocalized games such as Tales of Innocence or Tales of Rebirth were also available. The survey has been widely shared in the community – if many fans want these games, then Bandai Namco already knows about them. Xbox One. You can already pre-order the “Chosen Edition”. Work: Tales of Symphonia Remastered, Bandai Namco

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