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IO Interactive will rebrand HITMAN 3 as Hitman: World of Assassination on January 26. The game then serves as the only access to all previous Hitman content, which can already be imported, but is now inclusive for everyone. A vision of 2015 is thus realized. Already at this time, a “world of assassination” was envisioned, an expanding game that would be the basis for future Hitman games. Hitman 3 was already starting to do that. With the next step to Hitman: World of Assasination, you’re just making access easier and eliminating some confusion. With Hitman: World of Assasination, new and old fans enjoy the same core content, which is 21 worlds from all three games. For the old “Deluxe Pack” content, the Deadly Sins Collection and the Hitman 2 Expansion Access Pass, there is the new Deluxe Pack Hitman: World of Assasination, which adds this content to the base game. Only these two Hitman purchase options will be available in stores going forward. Anyone who owns Hitman 3 will automatically receive the new base game Hitman: World of Assasination. You can find more details in the blog post on IO Interactive. IO Interactive wants to keep a close eye on the questions posed and fan reaction leading up to launch. Imaging: Hitman: World of Assassination, IO Interactive

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