Wukong is back with a fun short film •

Check out Black Myth: Wukong for our list of 10 promising games you probably forgot about that could be released in 2023. After all, the list is fair insofar as we’ll learn more about the game in 2023. But developer Game Science has now announced a new release period with the summer of 2024. Also, only PC has been talked about so far as a concrete publishing platform. The creators of Game Science have posted a short short- footage intended to announce the Year of the Rabbit. It doesn’t have much to do with the game, but it’s definitely fun. A rabbit buys Black Myth: Wukong only to discover after a long installation routine that his PC is far too weak for the game. He goes out and buys a new “NoForce PTX”. You can see the rest for yourself! Black Myth: Wukong was announced in 2021 and was already based on Unreal Engine 5. A single-player action RPG awaits. In terms of content, Black Myth: Wukong draws a lot of inspiration from the legendary Chinese novel Journey to the West.

The new short film:

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