You can now buy a “real” first aid spray for 200 euros –

The world of video games now offers some really strange drifts. Resident Evil is a trailblazer here, so to speak. After the moldy scented candle for Resident Evil 7, they now offer with Game Flavor a “real” first aid spray. Really in quotes, because it really is a haptic and tasty experience, but in an emergency it’s better the first – first aid kit or consult a doctor Ten healing potions await you in a collector’s box at 199.00 euros . You must be a true Resident Evil fan. Especially since the flavor, a mixture of cucumber, lime and mint, seems refreshing, but is certainly not for everyone. The “First Aid Drink Collector’s Edition” completes, among other things, an accessory spray that is best used when the can is empty. Additionally, there are four ribbons that were used to back up in classic games. There are also recipe cards for the cocktails and a chic outer packaging. Finally, a certificate is included which shows that your Collector’s Edition is one of 4,750 copies. Because there are only a certain number. You can pre-order your box now from Game Flavor.

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