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Anyone who owns a Nintendo Switch and likes strategy games can once again dive into a gripping story with tactical combat and a variety of characters since Friday. Fire Emblem Engage takes you to the continent of Elyos and lets you not only slip into the role of a new protagonist, but also cast aside old heroes from previous games. Together, we must defeat evil again Unlike previous parts, Engage certainly won’t do much different. That can’t be a bad thing if it features a good plot with promising characters. This is what the series is known for. Visually, it already makes a more colorful impression than its predecessor Three Houses. But this is not enough for a positive general impression. We don’t even want to determine that in today’s Sunday question. Today we just want to know your first impression of the game!

The fight for Elyos begins

Every 1000 years, legendary heroes, called Emblems, grant incredible power to whoever possesses the 12 Emblem Rings. As the time for this ritual approaches, Alear – the wyrm god of prophecy – awakens to find the rings and bring peace. But Sombron – the demon dragon and sworn enemy of the wyrm god of old – has also awakened and seeks the rings for his own account. evil request. Only Alear and those bound to the wyrm god stand between Sombron and total annihilation… Privacy notice: For our Sunday question, we use the external service Strawpoll. Strawpoll (Privacy Policy) uses, among other things, ReCaptcha from Google to exclude multiple votes. If you are actively voting in Sunday Questions, you are using the Strawpoll external service and transferring the data to Strawpoll. Loading…

The results of the question of Sunday, January 15

Question of Sunday: Your first impression of anime NieR: Automata Ver1.1a? I like NieR:Automata Ver1.1a better than I expected. 24.71% (21 votes) I don’t have a Crunchyroll subscription. 24.71% (21 votes) So far, the anime adaptation is exactly what I imagined. 20% (17 votes) I haven’t (yet) seen NieR:Automata Ver1.1a. 18.82% (16 votes) So far, NieR:Automata Ver1.1a has not convinced me. 9.41% (8 votes) I found the start of mass production worse than expected. 1.18% (1 vote) I have a different opinion [Nennung in den Kommentaren] 1.18% (1 votes) After the first episodes, I will no longer follow the anime. 0% (0 votes)Total: 85 votes

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