Your snack bar will also open on PlayStation 4 in January •

Publisher CFK and Korean developer TalesShop will launch Miracle Snack Shop on January 26, 2023 on PlayStation 4. There are texts in English. It’s a mix of management and dating sim that’s been available for PC Steam since 2018 and for Nintendo Switch since 2021. The story, a bit crazy: Seolhwa Cha struggles through her life and eventually finds herself in a carry. But now is not the time to mope, because business is bad. It’s hard to believe the rest of the story yourself: in the attic, he finds some sort of…portal? And from this portal comes a… Queen from another world?! While serving shaved ice to Philia, the “salt queen”, Seolhwa makes her first advances… “What are you waiting for, Ice Carver? The Queen wants shaved ice.” Thus begins an icy but sincere love story at the snack bar!

The new trailer:

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