Youtube documentary about Heroes of Hyrule is available again •

In October, Did you know the game? about a Zelda game that was never made. The game became known as Heroes of Hyrule, and it never exceeded a 22-page pitch. Submitted by: Retro Studios. Interesting enough for those who love Nintendo and Zelda, but in early December Nintendo made sure that Did You Know Gaming? be taken offline for copyright infringement. A disappointment for interested Nintendo fans and video game historians. Now, did you know that the game? indicate that the dispute has been resolved. The video is online again under the old video link. This statement was released: “We won. The Heroes of Hyrule video is back online. Thanks to everyone who tweeted about it and to the websites that reported on it. We have no doubt that the backlash played a part in Nintendo’s pushback. Also, YouTube has confirmed to us that it is actually Nintendo and not a scammer. So the video was taken offline initially due to an active effort by Nintendo, Did You Know Gaming Exist? to. The statement does not reveal whether Nintendo has now reacted on its own initiative or whether there was actually a legal dispute. Fact: The documentary is back. via GoNintendo, Images: Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo

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