Zelda movie reportedly in the works at Illumination

Giant Freakin Robot isn’t as known for its movie gossip as Deadline, but it hit the mark. There’s now talk of nothing less than a Zelda movie coming out of Illumination (Super Mario Bros. Movie), but the movie isn’t in production yet. Giant Freakin Robot cannot provide further details either. The report should therefore be treated with caution. Instead, he quotes the trusted source and says “the time is definitely right” for a Zelda movie, since “everything from Fallout to Tetris” has already been adapted. Well, that’s what Nintendo will surely want to decide in the end. As with Super Mario, Zelda was attempted to be adapted many years ago. The 13-episode 1989 animated series is considered as successful as the Super Mario movie. Pictures: Zelda: Wind Waker HD, Nintendo

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