Zenith of Kings awaits you today with special artwork •

Ahead of the release of Crimson & Crimson, the first Pokémon TCG expansion with Paldea Pokémon, in March, the release of “Zenith of the Kings” is still pending in Germany. With new art styles, unique artwork, and a subset of the Galar Gallery as well. Starting today, The Pokémon Company is once again celebrating the Sword & Shield generation with a new related artwork feature. For launch of today’s “Zenith of the Kings”, all products from the new line have been re-introduced, and some cards have also been released. . First a look at fancy cards. Also below is everything about the products releasing today. The following products are now available: “Regieleki-V” and “Regidrago-V” Superior Training Box Collections Mini Metal Boxes with Sticker Sheets Special Collection “Pikachu VMAX Metal Boxes with the promotional pin collections in full screen Gortrom, Liberlo and Inteleon Premium Game Mat Morpeki V-Union Premium Figure Collection Shiny Zacian or ZamazentaOn March 31, Crimson & Crimson will reach our realms, The Pokémon Company has recently provided introductory information on this.There will also be new mechanics gameplay, including an updated Pokémon-ex mechanic and, of course, Tera Crystal Pokémon. Imagery: Pokémon Trading Card Game, The Pokémon Company

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