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  • New school board gets low marks

    The new majority on the Jefferson County Board of Education made serious errors of both judgment and process in ramming though a contract to hire outside counsel for the board. When dealing with the public’s money and the public’s trust, there are right ways to do things, and there are wrong ways to do things. There aren’t many things that could have been more wrong on this contract.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    ‘This is the Droid you’re looking for’

  • Two fishermen rescued after falling through ice on Chatfield Reservoir

    Two ice fishermen were rescued Thursday after falling through the ice on Chatfield Reservoir.

    The two had walked about 80 feet from the shoreline in the Kingfisher Ponds area about noon when they broke through the ice.

    One man was able to drag himself to the shore, while the other held onto the edge of the ice.

    “The one man who was able to extricate himself went to get a tire and rope to rescue his friend. He then fell back in,” said Littleton Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Jeff Tasker.

  • Day trips sought for Deer Creek Middle School gunman

    Deer Creek Middle School gunman Bruco Eastwood may be allowed to leave the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo for limited, supervised trips in 2014.

    Eastwood was found not guilty by reason of insanity in October 2011 of attempted murder in the shootings of Deer Creek students Matt Thieu and Reagan Weber on Feb. 23, 2010.

    After two years at the state hospital for treatment of schizophrenia, Eastwood is believed by his medical team to be ready for the next step in his treatment, which is to take supervised trips away from the state hospital.

  • Lapping it up

    Two dozen kids bypassed the U.S. Postal Service and went directly to the source to deliver their Christmas wish lists to Santa. 

    The children had their face-to-face with the jolly old elf at the Foothills Park and Rec Breakfast with Santa on Saturday. The kids told Santa what they’d like to find under the tree on Christmas morning — and made some gingerbread men to boot. 

    “I was excited. I asked for a trumpet,” said 4-year-old Jadyn McCarthy. 

  • Group prays for new board members

    A small group gathered last Friday to pray for the three newest members of the Jeffco Board of Education. 

    Newly elected board members Julie Williams and Ken Witt received prayer from the eight people who attended. John Newkirk appeared briefly to thank everyone who showed up but left because of a scheduling conflict.

    “We appreciate the faith community reaching out to us and inviting us here tonight,” Witt said. “We support our faith-based community, and we are a part of it.”

  • Clement Park improvements hinge on funding

    There’s a new vision for Clement Park. But first it needs a new infusion of funding.

    After four months of work, the Foothills Park and Recreation District board approved a new master plan for Clement Park that is a mix of new features and repairs to the park’s decaying infrastructure. 

    The plan comes with a price tag of about $24.3 million. The 2014 budget for Foothills, which was approved along with the master plan on Dec. 10, is $22.3 million. 

  • More public comment planned at beginning of school board meetings

    Jeffco Public Schools’ new board is putting its stamp on how meetings are run.

    During the Dec. 11 meeting, the board voted unanimously to change the public-comment portion of meetings and the structure of the consent agenda, which contains routine district matters that are approved by the board in one vote.

  • Goals, union relations discussed at school board retreat

    New policies, goals and the search for a new superintendent were discussed during the Jeffco Board of Education’s twice-yearly retreat last Saturday.

    Also discussed, in the wake of a conservative majority being elected to the board in November, were the district’s relationships with its unions.

    Representatives from the Jefferson County Education Association, the Jeffco Classified School Employees Association and Jefferson County Administrators Association were invited to speak to the board during the morning portion of the retreat. 

  • Commissioners reject propssosed price increase for county’s 2014 summer camps for kids

    The Jeffco commissioners have rejected a proposed price increase for the county’s 2014 summer camps for kids that would have raised fees between $10 and $35.  

    The two programs, operated through Jeffco’s Colorado State University Extension, provide week-long day camps that focus on scientific learning and outdoor experiences.