Today's News

  • Foothills golf to eliminate multiple rates

    In an effort to simplify the pricing structure for golfers, Foothills Park and Recreation District will go to a single fee for both district and non-district patrons.

    “The key to this decision is one word,” said Tom Woodard, Foothills director of golf. “Efficiency.”

    Currently there are separate golf costs for juniors, seniors, district seniors, adults and district adults. That can cause confusion for golfers who simply want to enjoy a few holes at either Foothills Golf Course or The Meadows Golf Club.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    SOUTHWEST JEFFCO — A good selection of shoes is vital to any modern wardrobe. But an attempted purchase of $241 in new shoes with what appeared to be a fraudulent traveler’s check raised concerns at a local department store. The sales clerk refused to ring up the sale, and the store’s loss-prevention associates made copies of the $500 check before notifying the sheriff’s office. The stylish suspect departed during the fracas and was later identified through a license plate and Social Security number.

  • This bar wears stars

    When Adam Heilig returns from Baghdad, his homecoming celebration will be held in familiar surroundings.

    Part restaurant, part nightclub and part M*A*S*H 4077th, G.I. Jodi’s is a veritable oasis for South Jeffco residents in search of a little fun outside the city.

  • Healing and 'enlightenment'

    A tranquil place for healing and reflection became a permanent feature of the South Jeffco community Friday during the solemn dedication of the Columbine Memorial at Clement Park.