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    ‘Fixing Our Damn Roads’ a good idea
    Regarding Greg Romberg’s commentary last week on the “Fix Our Damn Roads” initiative and his opposition to it, I have an opposing opinion.

  • Elect a Speaker of the House not speaker of a party

    Admittedly, my last recommendation to improve the working of our dysfunctional U.S. House of Representatives will be challenging. It will take a groundswell of voter support to amend the Constitution to provide longer terms and a one-term limitation for House members.
    A recent McLaughlin & Associates survey shows that 82 percent of voters support a Constitutional amendment to impose term limits. We must speak out for a specific initiative for this to gain some momentum.

  • A Rocky Mountain low for the N.Y. Times

    Perhaps by now you’ve had the unfortunate occasion to read or hear about the scurrilous piece of yellow journalism recently perpetrated upon the Republican candidate for governor, Walker Stapleton.
    In a N.Y. Times article titled “Family history haunts GOP candidate for governor in Colorado” by Julie Turkewitz (July 24), we have the perfect example of biased reporting of facts masquerading as news reporting. We have the perfect example of why Trump supporters regard with such disdain that bastion of Progressive fabrications, the N.Y. Times.

  • Time to even the playing field again

    Joe Webb

  • FODR initiative is missing the mark

    It was quite a week for Independence Institute president Jon Caldara and his “Fix Our Damn Roads” initiative.  First, Colorado Springs mayor John Suthers signed a petition to help get it onto the ballot. Then, Caldara announced plans to sue the Greeley Stampede for stopping the collection of petition signatures at the event. Because the Stampede takes place on publicly owned land, Caldara believes it’s unconstitutional to restrict access to potential signatories on public land.

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    Columnists should engage all readers
    I’ve previously written about how John Riddell is a poor columnist and how we subscribers deserve better.
     In John’s recent column, he provides a reasonable and somewhat thoughtful description of the motivation and courage of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Rather than leave the column at that, he ineffectively tries to connect their patriotism to some of the political and cultural issues of today.

  • Change requires action

    In my last article, I promised suggested solutions to the dysfunctional Congress, and specifically U. S. House members focused more on re-election than on solving problems.

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    There’s nothing wrong with political system
    Re: “What’s wrong with our political system” by Jim Rohrer, July 5, 2018
    I would like to answer Jim Rohrer’s rhetorical question that heads his editorial column: There is nothing wrong with our political system.