Today's Opinions

  • Ritter's union move will be divisive

    It’s getting tougher and tougher to write this column. Not because I have cancer, but because I simply don’t get around much anymore. I seldom stop by the newspaper, so I have little idea of what’s going on ee you know, the background stuff. Oh, I still read the paper, but nothing beats hanging around the newsroom, or talking with friends. That’s where the really good ideas come from.

  • Presuming guilt in a media-driven age

    Seldom is the force of government more concentrated than at the moment a district attorney decides whether to pursue a case against a defendant. We hope our prosecutors are men and women of sound judgment and unimpeachable integrity, and for the most part they are. But every so often a case exposes how vulnerable our system can be to an unprincipled individual.

  • Halloween now leaves a hollow in wallet

    When the thermometer indicates it’s 80 degrees on the Front Range in October, the chance of snow within 24 hours approaches 50 percent. Odds reach 100 percent if the Broncos are playing at Invesco Field on national TV. It’s a given. You know it. I know it.